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In California, employees who report wrongdoing on the part of their employer or co-workers are protected by state and federal law from any wrongful termination, denial of advancement, slander, blackballing or other form of employer retaliation.

These whistleblower protections cover reports made internally to upper management as well as formal reports to governmental and regulatory agencies. If you suffered retaliation for reporting illegal activity or employer wrongdoing in your Southern California workplace, please contact the Law Offices of Lisa L. Maki today for a free consultation with an experienced Santa Monica whistleblower attorney.

Santa Monica Whistleblower Attorney

If you know or suspect that illegal activity, employment discrimination or sexual harassment is occurring at your workplace, do not let fear of retaliation keep you from doing what is right.

The whistleblower lawyers in Santa Monica at the Law Offices of Lisa L. Maki can help protect you if you decide to report the wrongdoing. We can put your employer on notice that any retaliatory actions will be met with a powerful legal response. We can let them know that they can't get away with punishing you for reporting the bad acts of others.

We can make it clear that it is your employer's responsibility to address the underlying issue, not to treat those with the courage to stand up and fight for what is right as if they were the problem. And if you have already been fired, demoted or otherwise punished for telling the truth, we will fight to hold your employer accountable in court. We will fight for the full compensation you deserve and maximum punitive damages, where appropriate.

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