Workplace Sexual Assault & Battery in Los Angeles

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Unfortunately, many reports of sexual assault or rape in the workplace are delayed. The victim may fear retaliation by the abuser, wrongful termination for reporting the crime or simply that the allegations will not be believed. Law enforcement may not be inclined to aggressively pursue a delayed report of sexual misconduct or assault in the workplace. The victim may feel that there is no hope for justice.

At the Santa Monica Law Offices of Lisa L. Maki, our workplace sexual assault attorneys are champions for victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape and other sexual or violent crimes in the workplace. For a free and completely confidential consultation, please contact us today.

Santa Monica Workplace Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Our sexual assault attorneys in Santa Monica can act when the police and prosecutors won't. We are absolutely unafraid to take on an abuser who has power, money and connections. We also understand that in L.A., reputation is everything.

Our lawyers can help victims of sexual assault in the workplace find real justice without unnecessarily jeopardizing future opportunities. We maintain an absolute commitment to discretion and confidentiality when handling these sensitive cases.

If there is an ongoing criminal investigation, we can work with law enforcement to protect your rights, interests and anonymity as much as possible. If a criminal case is not in the picture, we will pursue every channel available to us under civil law to hold your abuser responsible for his or her actions and him or her pay.

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People who commit these terrible acts are rarely first-time offenders. There is often a well-established pattern of inappropriate and abusive behavior. The abuser's superiors often know, or should know, that the person poses a real risk to co-workers and subordinates. If that is the case, our lawyers will gladly go to any legal lengths to hold the entire organization to account.

We will be there to protect you and will fight to make sure your abuser cannot do this to another innocent person. All it takes is a call to the Law Offices of Lisa L. Maki at 213.745.9511 or toll-free at 800.379.7223. We can offer you honest answers and truly caring support in a free and utterly confidential consultation with a Santa Monica workplace sexual abuse attorney who is totally committed to the fight against workplace sexual assault and abuse.