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The right to live and work where we choose within the United States is an important right that we enjoy as Americans. If you have been asked to sign a noncompete agreement or been told that you can't be hired due to this kind of restriction in California, your rights have probably been violated.

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Noncompete Agreements in Santa Monica

California has a particularly strong public policy that people should be able to move and work freely, which is reflected in the California Penal Code. Companies are very rarely able to enforce noncompete agreements — most are considered void.

A recent California appellate court decision regarding noncompete agreements in California; Silguero v. Floor Seal, further established this policy. Current California employers are not allowed to fire employees based on noncompete agreements with competitors, even if the intention is to keep peace in the industry.

If you have been fired due to a noncompete agreement, our attorneys can pursue an action for wrongful termination.

The non-compete agreement attorneys at the Law Offices of Lisa L. Maki in Santa Monica will diligently protect your right to do the work you enjoy and have talent for, in the place that you want to live, regardless of a restrictive covenant claimed by a former employer.

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We will also protect your rights and interests when you have been asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Confidentiality agreements are common in industries where trade secrets are important to achieving business success and notoriety. However, they can also be used instead of a noncompete agreement to achieve the same result. We will review these agreements to ensure that your rights are not being violated.

Our attorneys have been powerful consumer advocates since 1992. If necessary, we will take a no-holds-barred approach in legal battle to protect our clients' rights and interests. If possible, we will use our skills as creative and skilled negotiators to pursue a discreet settlement that reaches your goals.

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