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At the Law Offices of Lisa L. Maki, you will find a team of Santa Monica employment litigation lawyers dedicated to fighting for the rights of employees at all levels and in diverse industries. In employment litigation, our employment litigation attorneys in Santa Monica act as powerful advocates for a diverse group of clients at all levels of business, including:

  • Latino workers whose rights are violated by employers
  • White collar employees of small, mid-sized and large businesses
  • Victims of sexual harassment or discrimination at all levels and in any industry

Employment Litigation Attorneys in Santa Monica

If you feel that you are employed in a hostile work environment or were wronged by your employer in violation of your employment contract or state or federal employment law, our employment litigation attorneys invite you to contact our Santa Monica employment litigation attorneys at our offices today for a free consultation to learn more about your rights and legal options.

Employment Ligation & Discrimination

We take a firm stance against employers who retaliate against employees who report wrongdoing or illegal activity in the workplace. These actions are in direct violation of whistleblower protection laws. We can respond forcefully to acts of retaliation, defamation, slander or wrongful termination.

Our employment litigation attorneys in Santa Monica can also assist you if you are having issues with employee misclassification and unpaid overtime.

Contract and Severance Negotiation

We take a more consultative role in severance agreement negotiations, offering our clients practical guidance and creative solutions for leveraging the end of employment into future opportunities.

The Arbitration of Employment Disputes

Unfortunately, many employees enter into arbitration agreements, which can eliminate their right to a jury trial in a dispute with their employer. Our employment litigation attorneys guide clients through the arbitration process and initial filings with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH).

If a satisfactory resolution to your employment dispute can be found outside litigation — either through mediation or direct negotiation with your employer — so much the better. If not, you will already have a powerful and determined team of trial lawyers on your side, ready to fight for your rights.

Contact a Santa Monica Employment Litigation Attorney Today!

To discuss your case in a free and completely confidential consultation with a highly knowledgeable and trustworthy Southern California employment litigation attorney, please call our Santa Monica offices at 213.745.9511 or toll free at 800.379.7223 or send our California discrimination harassment lawyers an e-mail now to schedule an appointment.